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Simone and Babs from CASA SIBA are both professionally trained and certified to stage your home and make outstanding professional photographs that our fully edited in postproduction.

We provide local services including: show homes, home staging, accessorizing, home makeovers, styling for holiday home photo shoots, decluttering to sell and much more.

Our distinguishing approach lies in our CASA SIBA formula: you hire 2 professionals for the price of 1 – staging PLUS photography.
In that sense we get to combine our long lasting cooperation in order to work both fast an efficiently. You, our customer, get the best of both worlds.

HOWEVER…the covid-19 measures more or less curtailed our mobility so that hopefully temporarily, we have to focus on offering our remote and virtual services.

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A small marketing investment can create huge returns for your holidays rental.

Vacant weeks cost you money… let us help you book your rentals faster!

Contact us to find out the various possibilities.

Holiday Homes

Successful holiday rental bookings are based not just on a descriptive text, but on the photos you use in your listing

Are you the owner of a holiday home, villa or apartment and are you planning to rent out your property?
A quick peek at AirBnB, Homeaway and Tripadvisor websites shows that you are not the only one…

CASA SIBA provides the images that will linger in the minds and will influence the decisions made by prospective tenants.
In other words: outstanding, stylish and professional photos are bound to increase your holiday bookings!

Improve your Holiday Home brochures and increase your holiday bookings with our clearly laid out floor plans, outstanding styling and professional photos.

On request, we will create quality styling for holiday homes throughout the Netherlands and the Iberian Peninsula. Our aim is to achieve quality results with a touch of luxury and style for YOU, our client!

We offer customized holiday rental staging and photography to market your rental, including:

Remote and Digital Styling

Presentation Solutions in times of covid-19

When ‘virtual’ or distance Home Staging and Styling services are necessary, particularly during the COVID19 social distancing measures and/or for clients abroad, CASA SIBA is able to provide expert help for your home and holiday home staging needs.

You can be confident that we will support you using the best of technology to create a professional design scheme that suits your needs.

Virtual Staging can mean a number of things, either edited photographs to create an image of furnished rooms or distance services to provide advice and design schemes.

We offer customized digital floor plans to help you present you property for sales or rental, including:


Virtual may sound a bit unusual in the real estate market.

It is, however, real service and tool to provide exactly the right kind of Interior Styling for your requirements, whether you are styling to rent or preparing to sell your home or investment property.

Contact us to find out about the exciting possibilities.

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